Kerry distinctly remembers the year her older brother received an acoustic guitar for Christmas. She would steal it away while he was in school and spend countless hours teaching herself to play some of her earliest influences: Joni Mitchell, CSN&Y, Jackson Browne, and Simon & Garfunkel.

She released her World in Motion debut album, Apollo, to critical acclaim. The Los Angeles Times named it one of the best local releases of the year, later revising that review to single out the record as one of the best of the decade. They called Kerry a “pop goddess” and an “undiscovered peer of Shawn Colvin and Sheryl Crow.” The other critics agreed. Performing Songwriter Magazine deemed the record one of the Top DIY Releases of 1997 and included the song “Devil and the Deep Blues” on their year-end compilation CD. Orange County Weekly crowned her “Our Minstrel” in a story entitled “Kerry Getz Ought to Be Famous”.

In 2001 Kerry recorded and released her sophomore album, Live at the Galaxy . How easy it is to record a house full of screaming fans; how difficult it is to conquer the empty stage with an acoustic guitar and a microphone. Kerry wove a spell with verse and melody; she was vulnerable yet invincible.

Finding her groove, Kerry quickly returned to the studio to record and release little victory to rave reviews. She discovered a unique chemistry with her co-producer-engineer-friend, Marty Beal,and co-wrote many of the songs with him. The Orange County Register writes Little victory is the most powerful collection of its kind since [Aimee] Mann's Bachelor No. 2. ” National Public Radio notes, “the songwriting is strong, passionate and poetic.” Garnering airplay across the country during a very competitive time for radio, little victory has an independent spirit that refuses to be ignored. Acoustic Guitar recognized her strength in their reveiw of the album, noting “Getz's rich, dreamy voice rises up from the emotional depths of the soul-searching and star-gazing lyrics, floating through the chiming, atmospheric arrangements.”

Proudly sharing that spirit, Getz has shared the stage with numerous artists, including Neil Finn, Shawn Colvin, Richard Thompson, Nick Lowe, and John Mayer. She has also had tracks included on many compilation CDs, including the Martin Newell tribute ReNewell as well as Coast to Coast , a collection of songs from North American female singer/songwriters which was just released by the German label, JarMusic . She has been named “2002 Female Artist of the Year” by the Just Plain Folks Music Awards and nominated for the same title by the Orange County Music Awards. And becoming a bit of a local celebrity in Southern California , Kerry was featured on “Sound Affects,” the acclaimed music and interview series on PBS station, KOCE-TV.

Armed with a voice that the LA Times says “hits with persuasive force or dances with nuanced delicacy,” Kerry Getz now releases her fourth for World in Motion Records: it's a wonderful life. Kerry transforms a more truthful holiday season with a careful selection of traditional tunes, contemporary songs of the seasons, and brand new originals. It's not just about the gifts; it's also about tradition and family tension and the winter wistfulness that comes in December. Kerry bravely and candidly addresses the human conditions that come with the holidays in every climate – family, daydream romance, taking just one day out of the year to believe in Santa Claus. Not a week after its release, NPR featured Kerry again, this time on “Weekend Edition.” Observing its “rich folk-rock arrangements” and even declaring that the album “shows off her full talents,” there is proof that it's a wonderful life indeed.