The Racket Room ( Producer/multi-instrumentalist/songwriter and boy genius Marty Beal's website. 

The Brothers Dimm ( The magnificent music of Dave Geare and Dave Bateman. Check out their stellar CD "To Oblivion" available on CDBaby. Also, Dave Geare cowrote several of Kerry's songs and they have been rumored to occasionally work together on music for the Found Theatre. Plus, he's one of the best human beings on the planet.

Jason Feddy ( Firecracker Singer/Songwriter Jason contributed background vocals on little victory and It's a Wonderful Life.

Martin Newell ( England's best poet/pop star/gardener and generally all around cool person. His song "Christmas in Suburbia" is featured on It's a Wonderful Life and Kerry has a track on the Martin Newell tribute CD ReNewell.

Stuart Pearson ( Eclectically talented Stuart co-wrote 3 songs on It's a Wonderful Life and also shot many of the photos of Kerry on this website.

Seth Horan ( Funky bass player/singer/songwriter whose fretwork can be heard on little victory. Also shared a tour with Kerry and Harold Payne.

Jay Buchanan ( The indie fave and critically acclaimed Buchanan frontman Jay is featured singing on 2 tracks on little victory.

Matthew Von Doran ( Longtime friend and amazing guitarist Matthew played on Apollo. His jazz fusion music can also be found on airwaves across the country.

The Fenians ( The Fenian's lead singer/mandolin player Terry Casey can be heard on Apollo. Kerry has also shared a bill with The Fenians several times.

The Dibs ( Chris Hanlin and Rae Enrico can be heard harmonizing with Brett Bixby of Twelve Hour Mary ( on little victory

Jim Harmon ( Web Designer Jim Harmon is our hero.

Dominic Petruzzi ( Photographer extraordinaire Dominic's work can be seen all over Kerry CD's and promo materials.

The Brainyard ( Musician/graphic designer/entrepreneurs Mike, Brian and company can do magic. The Apollo CD design is a result of their talent.

Jim Rudai ( Photographer Jim Rudai took great live shots of Kerry at the Coach House during a recent concert and his handiwork can be seen at the top of the "tour" page.

Stephanie Olin ( Artist and designer of our crown logo, her beautiful handmade silver jewelry is available on her website.

Brain Labor ( Artchie Gomez, one half of the brain team (is he the left or right hemisphere?) videotaped Kerry's performance at the world famous Roxy.

Matt Hartenstein ( Wonderful photographer who also happens to have great taste in relatives. His photo of an angel graces the It's a Wonderful Life CD.

Virginia DeMoss ( Besides being one of the most amazing people in the whole entire universe, Virginia shot the photos of Kerry for her CD It's a Wonderful Life. Along with her partner,( the incredibly missed goddess Cynthia Galles), she created and is the lifeblood of the Found Theater, producing and performing eclectic, original, and wonderful theater in Long Beach since 1974.

John Vestman Mastering ( He's the best. If he can't make it sound incredible, you ought to go rerecord the stuff.

DiscMakers ( CD manufacturing for indie artists. Fast turnaround. Plus, they sponsor TAXI and Just Plain folks. We like that.

organizations you should know
Just Plain Folks ( Brian Austin Whitney had an idea. It has since sprouted into the largest songwriter organization in the world. And he does this 24/7 for FREE! Without sleep! Because he believes YOU! The most conscientious and selfless man in the biz.

Taxi ( Another great organization. Helping songwriters open doors that would otherwise be forever closed. They're the real deal and real nice. ( Not just an online CD store, a whole community, overseen by the wonderful wisdom and boundless enthusiasm of Derek Sivers.

Hostbaby  ( The coolest web hosting service ever. The brainchild of Derek Sivers. Custom made with artists in mind. You're soaking in it.

Performing Songwriter Magazine ( Thank goodness for Lydia Hutchinson. This is essential reading for anyone on the singer/songwriter community. Subscribe now!

Orange County Music Awards ( Live Magazine's Martin Brown was disheartened by all of the corrupt music awards, so he decided to start create the OCMA's. Another good soul.

JarMusic ( Online source for all things Martin Newell as well as Martin's extended music family and Joachim's favorite artists. Yet another person who is making this world a better place for music.

tools of the trade
Rode Microphones ( Acclaimed world class microphones on an artist's budget. 

Levy's Leathers ( Straps and gig bags for everyone. Even us vegetarians. 

Heartwoodes ( Exquisite guitar straps made from exotic costa rican hardwood, which was rescued scrap from lumber harvested for building materials. (Heartwoodes straps are now distributed by Levy's Leathers.)

D'Aquisto Strings ( Great strings and we love Teddy, the owner.

Kyser Capos ( out their new pink capo, whose proceeds help in fight against breast cancer.

Takamine Guitars ( Virtually indestructible, yet sweet to look at and a breeze to record.

Maton Guitars ( Australia's best kept secret.

Martin Guitars ( Their new Mahogany 15 series is beautifully simple and sounds amazing.

True Tone Music ( The best selection of guitars, vintage and otherwise. Great repair shop too.